Welcome to Lake 5 Media

About Lake 5 Media

Lake 5 Media is a media analytics software company. Lake 5 Media delivers a scalable software-as-a-service solution that provides both media buyers and sellers with pre and post-buy data management and analytics. We are committed to providing our clients increased operational effectiveness and superior reaction time to the media markets via our suite of tools. Our offerings include media marketplace analysis tools, competitive analysis tools, optimization applications, media planning products as well as inventory management and allocation systems.

L5M Staff

Lake 5 Media is led and staffed by veterans of both the media and IT/data management industries. We have a strong and deep understanding of the media and software industries that allows us to work closely with Clients to provide the tools and guidance necessary to analyze data on traditional and digital media.

L5M Core Value

We are a source agnostic data management and analytics company at our core. We strongly believe that having access to massive amounts of data is of ZERO value if you lack a systemized way to easily and quickly analyze it. Since Lake 5 Media's establishment in 2000, we have continuously listened to our Clients and delivered software solutions that generate the EXACT insights needed against the massive amounts of data media professionals confront on a daily basis.